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Crystal lamp trend in 2014

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A candle, crystal lamp into the mature period
According to the survey, the development is crystal candle light in recent years is the limelight strong, a good. Many crystal lamp enterprises will focus on the development of crystal lamp candle. Crystal lamp in the market share has reached 50%, some areas even more than this proportion, for example Zhejiang area has reached more than 60%. Many enterprises have to crystal lamp is optimistic about the future, why crystal lamp has such strong vitality?
First, crystal candle lamp interpretation to the terminal varied, can the aesthetic demands to maximize the satisfaction of consumers. We have already mentioned before, now the demand for consumers to buy "light decoration, re decoration" features, and the crystal lamp regardless of color or style is varied. Whether the new European, American, Mediterranean, Jane, pastoral style decoration style or Chinese style, modern style, crystal lamp can be applied.
Second, in conjunction with the LED light source, prospect. Combined with the LED light source and lighting there have been many bottleneck. European style lamp has been for astigmatism effect of LED light source is not good, very difficult to combine. But now, crystal candle lights have overcome a series of problems, good effect and LED light source. Now, many enterprises have launched the LED crystal lamp, and reflect good market
Third, crystal lamp is wide, long cycle. Because of crystal lamp interpretation to the diversity of terminals, it is doomed to the consumer population coverage. "Thus, crystal lamp there is still space subdivision market, even now many enterprises in the crystal lamp field, as long as the enterprises can find their own position, in the next few years there is still space for development." Wei Wei explained to reporters
According to the survey, the positioning crystal lamp is still in the high-end products, high-end lamp was almost monopolized the crystal lamp, the market distribution situation has extended from the level of city comprehensive to two or three class city situation.
Two, deep into the two or three level market is the kingly way
Key points: select the market space is large or the market competition is weak, with the price advantage and service advantages achievement a party prince.
Crystal lamp has entered the mature stage, the market have war going on, but still a lot of space and opportunities. A market is no shortage of brand, fake wind and price war let the business profits shrinking. Many manufacturers choose to explore two or three levels of markets, with the two or three level of market consumption levels increase, the economy better two or three level market is generally optimistic about the.
At present, in the ancient town, there are many candle lamp manufacturers in the market completely to worry, can take the initiative to find two or three line city business opportunities. If the shop of promotion in the two or three line of the market, can occupy the market, get First impressions are strongest advantage.
Some crystal lamp enterprises based on the status quo of small, should not be used by the national market net marketing, I suggest the "positional warfare", choose the market space is large or the market competition is weak, with the price advantage and service advantages achievement a party prince. Then give extended application, the occupation of the national market.