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How the LED panel lamp into the rural market

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With the pace of urbanization and new rural construction speed, three or four line city lighting engineering, as well as the new rural Home Furnishing lighting market started to gradually open. With "published Chinese phasing out the incandescent lamp road map", in October 1st this year, China will ban the import and sale of 60 watts and above the general lighting incandescent lamp. Huge waves LED lamps to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps lighting market reshuffle tidal wave is a rural change.
LED panel light how to repair the body in the surging tide of replacing the trend, and win a start from? The incandescent lamp will gradually withdraw from the market, rural lighting energy-saving lamp status not protect, LED panel lights how to stride forward singing militant songs, fully embracing the three or four line of the city and countryside? In the face of the three or four line of the city and countryside Home Furnishing lighting the huge potential market development, how the LED panel lamp manufacturers and operators are motivated, take this may solve the next few years lighting market as pressing danger rich deposits?
LED panel light because of its properties of light source and the use of function and is usually used in industrial lighting, office lighting, lighting, Home Furnishing hotel lighting and commercial lighting, indoor lighting field, at the same time as the luminous efficiency and the quality of the show good color index LED panel lights become indoor lighting outshines. But the LED panel lights in the three or four line of the city and the new rural Home Furnishing lighting market share does not seem to be ideal. This is due to the LED panel lamp current price factors, for must be private pocket the three or four line of the city and the new rural residents to buy several lights, LED panel lights back mounted wall would seem a little expensive. But from the performance of the LED panel light, its high luminous efficiency, energy saving and high service life is to let people enjoy the new technology brings benefits and reality.
After the survey data of special display, the LED panel lamp market, prices in the 8W panel lights 40-70 yuan between the sales volume is highest, and LED panel lights 10W is relatively high prices in the high-end brand more popular. LED panel light into the rural market title should not be a price war, may be the brand stand, then price war. Because the current LED panel lamp is in its preliminary stage to popularization in rural areas, rural lighting market for LED category contact less, they pay more attention to choose some more well-known brand LED, because this is trust and guarantee of quality.
Accompanied by pointing to the incandescent lamps ban promulgated and implemented, LED production technology and demand point, more and more enterprises begin LED lighting market targeting the three or four line of the city and countryside, LED panel light competition also is bound with the started LED in each category and increasingly white hot battle. According to the three or four line of the city and countryside LED panel lamp market this piece of cake, the LED enterprise how to move to the trip out to static it from their noses pattern?
In the industrial lighting, office lighting and commercial lighting places, LED panel light illumination, light and soft, anti radiation function is the general lamp, downlight, bulb lamps or energy-saving lamps are not the horse and, in fact Home Furnishing lighting environment in the LED panel lamp also has the same advantage. LED panel light businessmen in the three or four line of the city and rural areas to promote the lighting market, it should be this advantage LED panel lights fully mining, the key to market their long life and energy-saving features poked in the.
Secondly, for the LED panel lamp production enterprises, although the utility of the three or four line of the city and the new rural residents will pay more attention to the lamp, but for the use of the extended value is more concerned about the. For example, LED panel light source quality, indoor decorative function, design and function. So how to develop better, more aesthetic decoration light source function and LED panel lamp price also want a successful summit three or four line of the city as well as an essential tool for rural lighting market makers depth nuggets.
In addition, LED panel lights to successfully captured the three or four line city and rural lighting market requires mutual some down to earth on marketing activities, in order to strengthen the brand influence, to maintain the established marketing channels.