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Install note lamp

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1, the installation by electrical operation, electrician must be certified;
2, before installation, must identify all line box, switch, socket is installed firmly, correct;
3, heavy lamps, electric fan is mounted directly on the keel ceiling works;
4, model, rated voltage, rated power should be consistent with design parameters;
5, modern lamp model there are antique, innovation, practical class three, in any case mix, the three lamp shape should try to pursue a series in the overall selection;
6, there is the living room of the family can be some fashionable lamp in the living room use, such as trigeminal chandeliers, wall lamp, floor lamp floriation multi section rotating etc.. Housing relatively tense family should not be installed lamps too fashionable, it will increase the crowding, floors below the 2.8m room also should not be installed chandeliers, ceiling lamps should be chose;
7 color design, color should be subordinated to the whole room, attention must be paid to the color shade, shell color with metope, furniture, curtains.