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On the composition of interior lighting design

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Lighting design emphasizes the perfect combination of form and function of lighting, the pursuit of the aesthetic function of the need to create the form of light, the conception of lighting with the aesthetic images of people. Morphology is the primary media visual art form, the psychological effect to fully grasp the basic form of the light and the elements of the observer, is to improve the form of sensibility and the primary way to create light environment image. Optical visual form can be divided into shape elements of basic point, line, surface, body a few. A morphological significance of each of these elements, fully understand and grasp the changes of them, to grasp the initiative in lighting design.
(a) highlights. Lamp usually appears in a "bright spot" form, become people's visual focus. Highlights of the poly, powder can cause closely, relaxation feeling; highlight regular and change can produce a sense of rhythm and sense of rhythm. However, the focus is too strong and concentrated, easy to cause visual fatigue; and the focus too much, it is easy to make and lax attention and it is to pay no heed. Visible, highlight plays the most active, the most active role in the space, which in the view of composition in the most appropriate location and form, in order to become the focus of.
(two) line light. Linear lamp, light source arrangement, linear light structure (such as light tank) and easel on the terminator can produce lines of light form. The light guide line of sight and clear direction. When the line of light and space interface combines become bright "intersection" or "line", and to define the role of space. Light tortuous staggered, convergence divergence can be greatly enriched the spatial visual experience, thus to become a most common pattern in modern interior architectural lighting. Curve shape, reasonable application of light, can make indoor environment multiply kind touching charm.
(three) surface light. In the indoor environment, the human eye can see almost all the various dark face, and because of its geometry, spatial location, size and materials are different in nature and form different patterns of visual patterns, perceive the environment brightness and perceptual space for people, the volumetric texture, so as to provide carrier. The spatial location and brightness distribution of light, to limit the volume, the boundaries of space and guide the visual flow; visual object on the surface of the light pattern, but also for its covered with rich "expression" veil. Therefore, as a special lighting design processing and visual composition, surface light shape is a key element in the design vocabulary.
(four) the light body. When the luminous (light) face closed, then form has a three-dimensional shape of the body. According to the research method of [1]74 space form, shape and the distribution of light can be divided into physical form and? "Body" form. The former, such as all kinds of lamps, light-emitting device, light-emitting entities is static, common people; the latter, can be perceived as a special form of space, it can be implied by the actual shape of light and shade, or by the spatial value perception, concepts and indoor "space" should be relative, is a psychological sense of existence. For example, a bottle of the room were mainly illuminated sculpture, on the surface due to the angle of light shows different variation of shade, "such a non-uniform illumination never perceived as nature light itself, but be perceived to be spatial characteristics" irradiation things at this time, the bottle became light sculpture body vision, and surrounded by a sculpture lighting environment is such psychological? "Body" form.? "Body" feel it is clear, is sometimes ambiguous ambiguous. For example, people can easily distinguish the room in two different shades of space (including the distance, position, size), the differences between light and shade has limited space; when the continuous changes in the light dark transition, vision to stay in the light of the border, between different mobile space ""