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Pay attention to choose office lighting

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People every day, almost half of the time spent in the office, office decoration comfort but also affect our health. So, we have a look on the office lighting effects to human body.
1, it is best to local lighting
The office is a place of work, local lighting effect should be light, light selection should not only give full consideration to the brightness, and consideration should be given to the color and shape, to calm, elegant, and efficient work environment. Lighting in general lighting can work and study local lighting, incandescent lamps with power larger as well. Not necessarily at the central location, according to the specific circumstances of interior to decide. The modelling of lamps and lanterns, not too fine style, to classic Juanxiu for good, to create a quiet, quiet needed for people to read while working environment.
2, the direct type lamp
The lamp shape should be adapted to the nature of the work and needs, craft table lamp should not use colored glass diffuse or mantle decorative lamp, because the process is less consider lighting function, focusing too much on the decorative effect. Here should choose direct type desk lamp with reflecting cover, a lower opening, that is the work table or writing desk, light of a common incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp.
Incandescent lamp Hin color index than the fluorescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp high, each of which has its own advantages, according to their needs or to the modelling of lamps and lanterns style preferences to choose, and new energy-saving fluorescent lamp, not only the advantages of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, and the design is very novel shape a compact, energy-saving effect is remarkable, is the best source of making lamp.
If possible, avoid sitting in fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps and incandescent lamps more suitable for the eyes, of course, the natural light is the best choice.
3, the overhead is best not to light
At the top of the head is best not to have light, but not a large chandelier. A reflection on the desktop will produce, bad eyes; two case of decoration or not firm and fall, will hit in the head. For a long time, will cause the human Hung Up, One's mind is wandering. If the light is insufficient, can add a lamp on the table.
4, natural lighting is the best
Office of the pattern should be neat and elegant, compact layout, harmonious, to natural, warm. To ensure that the office bright and comfortable. Lighting is more close to nature, and more easy to arouse the human gene, which adjusted to the best. In addition to lighting, office buildings should also be possible to create conditions to ensure proper ventilation, because good ventilation can help keep the office tidy and comfortable.
General office has installed central air-conditioning, often not window ventilation, in fact, people in the ventilation is not enough office work, often dizziness, it is difficult to play a good working state. The office hours are almost all day, so the artificial lighting should be combined with natural lighting design and lighting environment.

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