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Selected lamps for lighting healthier family

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The decoration of a new Home Furnishing space, matching lighting fitting lighting, is the perfect ending, improved lighting contains a lot of knowledge, function, appearance, atmosphere not one less, follow lighting cheats guidelines, easily turned strobe lights Master.
Basic knowledge of
Lighting for the room, like a stylist to model, when we on the lamp needs no longer stay in the primary stage of light, learning to master the lighting techniques, not only can make up for the defect of space itself, but also give it a bright new life.
1 let the lighting is more healthy
Lighting environment health, first of all to control the good brightness, too strong or too weak will damage the eyesight and health, basic lighting may refer to the following area: 15-20 square meters of adapting 60-80 tile; 30-40 square meters of adapting 100-130 tile; 40-60 square fit 220 watts; and then to choose a light source quality, the standard is the light stability soft, no flicker, no glare interference, energy saving, the best choice of major brand products, not only the pursuit of light appearance, and in the light source on the cheap.
2 home lighting type search
Home lighting in accordance with the function can be divided into 5 types, to coordinate the relationship between man and objects through space, lighting, set according to the need, create a warm visual and psychological feelings, increased reliance on family and a sense of belonging.
Basic lighting guarantee basic human activities at the same time the subject lay space color, usually appears in the room above, and using the reflected light and transmitted light, avoid eye directly see the light, glare and facial shadow.
Mood lighting to lighting form foil atmosphere, usually made from a mixture of light and the position of different angles and become, soft light, space rich, candles, fireplaces and other low brightness of the light source is very good mood lighting. Lighting lighting to highlight the key positions and key items, lamps usually use the projection angle of clear, illuminance are generally higher than the basic lighting around 2-3 times, to emphasize the role of.
Decorative lighting itself very decorative, or light color, shape is a form of decorative lighting, visual focus will form a space.
Functional lighting in order to satisfy some special functions required for lighting, such as reading, sewing, kitchen operation, therefore the brightness and color must serve the function of demand.
3 regulation of the atmosphere in the master
The same space, lighting in the regulation and dress up, will show a different style, to express different feelings, by changing the color, brightness, the projection direction, can produce serious, grand, warm, romantic atmosphere etc..
Change an angle to think
Lighting can not be busy at putting up installations will change the living environment, so the flexibility it must be very high, and easy to operate, so long as you know its characteristics, and then a few more perspective to find a solution, can efficiently adjust the indoor light environment.
1 Stealth decoration -- color light source
If you like quiet most of the time a visual effect, but also occasionally need some jump warm change, then the color light decoration is the best choice, shape, form, place lighting can optionally, the switch is closed, all as usual, open space, and immediately put on a kind of atmosphere. Red yellow main enthusiasm, warmth, peach, sexy, mysterious purple lines, fresh green, blue is the future and a sense of science and technology.
2 little shade change
The indoor climate change only by a small lamp, have you thought of this idea? The original Mr.Zhou shade into conspicuous color, emit light with the change, the night color change, in order to strengthen this effect, can be matched with the light source changes, such as the choice of the big red lampshade, the light source can be changed into warm light, a warm atmosphere more strong.
3 color change temperature
Want to change the light environment to live long, but no plans to tear down the reconstruction, so we must start from the partial adjustment, use of the light source and the local color can change the colours in the room, for example, use lights to illuminate the carpet and a large area of the object surface some bright color, can make the room tone change, light color and according to color and synchronous adjustment.