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The reason analysis of inlet guardrail lamp

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PC plastic guardrail tube is now waterproof sealing waterproof, each manufacturer tricks filed one after another, sealing methods emerge in an endless stream, the factory have been immersion test, but the use or the water constantly, even cracking tube. To know the guardrail tube installed always affected by temperature, pressure in pipe does not stop changes with temperature, high temperature low temperature extrusion expansion pipe shell, shell and tube, the wire entrance and an end cover sealing with the physical deformation, there will be a long time for small cracks, temperature rise is leakage, cooling inhale, this time outside the tube attached to the water will take advantage of a weak point. The typical water:
Temperature - pressure extrusion tube seal failure and negative pressure suction
The influence of temperature in addition to changes in temperatures, and the sun radiation heating, greenhouse heating, heating tube circuit, when the tube sealing waterproof do good enough, not leak it crack pipe corresponding to the increasing; with the -25 degree temperature in North China, summer sun exposure and the greenhouse effect tube with high temperature more than 60 degrees, the conventional sealing structure of the tube from the temperature -25 degrees to +65 degrees will change to 0.3 atmospheric pressure, not only is the split pipe leakage, water is sooner or later. The traditional approach to strengthen waterproof seal, from the above analysis are only stopgap measures, can be said to a dead end.