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Indoor LED light source and lamp selection

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User selection of indoor lighting products are to achieve two purposes: a large area of the "lighting" and small area "focus lighting". The use of different choice of light source or lamps have different requirements.
Generally speaking, the foundation for lighting luminaire is, as long as certain brightness, human feel comfortable. The light source can not have visual discomfort glare (light contrast or reflected light too much), so the LED light source to the selection of appropriate, the best choice with a PC or LED lamp and the lamp cover grinding sand cover, LED bulb direct lighting can also choose the PC cover, the light source power (Watts) not too large, and in accordance with the habit of people, choose the color temperature in the LED source under 6000K. Interior key areas of special lighting more professional, choose the LED light source has exquisite. Is mainly used for focusing the light ---LED lamp. Such as clothing, jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry and other products exhibition and dishes, industrial special lighting and so on will require a careful design of light sources. When you purchase should pay attention to four points: LED light source color temperature, color rendering index, light angle, power (illuminance and luminance). Gold jewelry as an example, the LED light source color temperature not higher than 3200K (warm), display index cannot be less than 80, the beam angle is not too large (too big to become a floodlight), power can not be too small. But if for platinum jewelry, LED light source color temperature minimum can not be less than 6000K, the color rendering index cannot be less than 75. Obviously, use different lighting, light source selection should be cautious.