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In 2014 three pandemic lighting Lamps lighting market

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Now, the lamp has been paid more and more attention in the family decoration, lighting effects have been unable to meet the people to the pursuit of quality of life, decoration business and the public are more emphasis on the lamp, lamp more weight saving, simple, practical, LED lamp sales increase, the American style is popular, Chinese and Western elements mix and trend.
Combined with the 1, LED light and lantern perfect
LED is a kind of semiconductor electronic components can be luminous, initially used indicator light, display light emitting diode board etc.. With the advent of the white light LED, also can be used as lighting. LED low calorie, no stroboscopic, no radiation, long service life. "The life of the bulb is about 3000 hours, the LED lamp is 25000 hours."
"3 hours a day, 3 months only consumption of electricity" is Opple appliances publicity language, the 3.5W bulb price 35 yuan, and the 1 year free replacement. Technical staff shop, because the industry standard is not standard, different chip is great, so people should choose the LED lamp brand production. LED lighting chip quality good not dazzling, looks soft and comfortable.
2, concise generous American lamp is more popular
Lighting market in many shops are within the "American lamp, copper lamp wall", a few simple light bulb, lamp is the most popular American cloth cover or a glass cover plus.
"The crystal lamp there are 'local' feeling, light change itself is complex and lithe and graceful. American lamp is more low-key, lighting effects and art combine very well. According to the different materials, there are a variety of price options." Liu Shuai introduces, American lamp pole but also began to use copper, plating K, and into the America elements of the lamp is more antique flavor.
"Crystal lamp cleaning up more trouble, also need some special maintenance. American lamp parts, cleaning up is easier." Liu Shuai said.
3, characteristic elements of popular
There are Chinese elements are part of European style lamp, lamp in American, but most mashups are "seamless", Chinese and Western style set in one. A European style lamp this lamp wall metal texture was replaced with jade, bulb shape has become a gourd shaped; another chandelier center pillar engraved on the back - shaped pattern, shape is red candle, the light also modelled white candles design.